Aasiri will be in attendance, unveiling new works! 

8th November, 7pm – 9pm

One of our biggest international artists Aasiri, is coming to our London gallery and unveiling new works!

Aasiri, a Sri Lankan artist, who has spent years travelling, seeking inspiration from Asia, having travelled across South Korea and China. Using a variety of mediums and tools from these countries to create real exotic and culturally rich masterpieces.

Her colour palette is bold and striking, a real testament to an artist fighting against her traditional architectural schooling, to develop a unique style, that’s loose and demonstrates a real creative abstract interpretation of landscapes and cityscapes.

“My work draws inspiration from multiple cultures, landscapes and landmarks I have experienced personally. My work highlights the experience of a landscape, its mood, character, lighting and density, through several layers of colour, lines, texture and brush strokes. I zoom in and out of the actual memory of the landscape, to construct the story in mind.”

Grab a glass of prosecco and enjoy her new works and collection, all at our brand new space in Victoria.
Places will be limited, so please RSVP to avoid disapointment.

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