Podi Lawrence, Corner Wall Shadows, oil on canvas, 76x61cm, £2300


As summer is on its way out, we all check longingly the snapshots of our holidays on our phones and computers, and wish we could go back for an hour or two. The good times always seem to pass too fast. If you are looking for a reminder of the summer past to keep in your room or office, a piece of art is always at hand to help you.

Artists have loved the outdoors since the paint was squeezed into tubes and they could carry it with their easels outside and worry not about it spilling or drying out.
The impressionists tried to capture how light plays on surfaces and how colours change over a day. Even the shadows are never black, they often pick up many hues and dance across surfaces where as Podi points out, they can look like almost anything. Abstract shapes stretched out depending on where the sun is at the time and what is its way.

A corner of a garden with a whitewashed wall might not seem like a fascinating subject matter at first, but you can see it transformed under Podi’s brush, where she takes the mundane and transforms it into a study of light, colour and sunshine. The leaves seem to tremble and dance about as they do in the breeze of a summer’s day.

Podi’s work is delightful in its detail, capturing the kind of a moment we stare at when lost in thought. If it’s just too miserable outside, her playful shadow work is a great substitute for a window. It might be too cold to dress in summery clothes now, but we can always dress our walls however we like.


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