‘Angela Dierks, Dawn Chorus’. I am thinking what you are thinking. We both love JMW Turner who was the master or atmosphere and weather. Many credit him with the first abstract paintings. Often his scenes got so immersed in weather that the objects depicted were hardly visible. Although not shrinking away from urban scenes, his best known works are those dealing with the sea, the mountains and wide vistas. They were usually large and filled with yellows, oranges and reds. Even caricatures of him pointed out his enchantment with this colour.

And abstract of course is a wide term. Objects can be abstracted but so can be emotions and thoughts. Angela moved from education to psychotherapy and art and her paintings show her preoccupation with thought and search for an outlet of emotions. Art is rapidly gaining a place where it is helping and assisting in health care. That art can be therapeutic is of course no secret to any art makers or lovers.

Angela is inspired by landscape, colours, by travelling and nature. This painting is a square and reminiscent of a fiery sunset at sea. The dark blue band at the bottom changes into golden yellow and intense reds. Colourful sunsets are always memorable and this intense painting might be a remembrance of a beautiful holiday or a particular sunset you remember. Its simplicity is what makes it powerful. We often search for open, quiet places to soothe our minds. Nature is the perfect antidote to stress. If no seaside is at hand, an artwork might help.

Angela’s other paintings are also full of strong colours and are evocative of summer, flowers, beautiful light and weather. Whether you are a fan of hot days or not, hers is an art to get lost in one.

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