Apple Blossom – By Anna Clarke

– Art is in Bloom… in celebration of the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, Lumi Arts has lots of floral inspired works.  As spring will slowly fade into summer, a bunch of pink blossoms might be a gentle reminder of the beautiful beginnings of a year. Spring has inspired artists for ages and every season you can find countless photography enthusiasts snapping pictures of the bloom to post on their Instagram.
Bloom has been a symbol of life for centuries; artists since Middle Ages have used it not only to denote a start of life but also its transience. Flower petals on a table cloth or a patron holding a bloom is a frequent symbol for the shortness of life. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, after all, pink blooms point to the coming summer which for everyone means some sort of leisure and the much welcome warmth.
Probably the most famous for their numerous paintings of flowers, spring and light are the Impressionists like Monet or Renoir. Rebelling against the art establishment, they famously sketched rather than meticulously rendered what they have seen. Painting outside, where the light flickers and moves, they chased the fleeting impressions sunny days leave us with. They were shunned and mocked which is hard to imagine when now they have become extremely sought after and an inspiration for many artists to follow.

Anna here is using a mix of almost abstraction in the background to offset the pinkish apple blooms. She lets the green acrylic run over the sunlit golden background to bring us into the shade of the fragrant apple tree on a sunny spring day. The portrait orientation of the work is also a reminder of the vertical tree and the darks in the background let the flowers shine.

She uses colour and abstraction to reveal natural shapes. These can be a human body, branches of a tree or a landscape. Our world is filled with artificial colour and sometimes we might need a gentle reminder of nature where these spring from. Apple blossom will lead to apples to be picked up which is another way to suggest the cycle of life. However, rather than causing despair, spring and the blossom it brings should be a celebration and an expression of hope.