Hi Corinne how did you get into Art?
I was working as a web designer in the city and felt that something was missing, so I painted a piece one summer and knew after that I had to paint. I then got the opportunity to do some freelance web design work and this enabled me to have the freedom to paint more and develop my art career. Painting is my ultimate passion and I feel lost if I don’t paint for a while!

What are some of your favourite experiences as an artist?
I have been very lucky to have some amazing experiences. The first time I exhibited at Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, to see my work on display there was great. To be able to exhibit at prominent art fairs is a wonderful experience and very exciting! Also to have the opportunity to exhibit my work at Le Meridien Piccadilly was fantastic. When I sell a painting it’s a great feeling that someone connects with the piece and selects it.

The Meeting #2


Prefer to work with music or in silence?
I like to listen to the radio, I like a mixture of music including pop, soul, or classical. I think music helps the creative process flow.

What’s the most important thing to know about you?
I am a very visual person, I find inspiration from many sources around me including fashion, media, landscapes, holidays, seasons, and looking at colours and textures in everyday life. I often find things incorporate into my work from my surroundings or where I have visited may influence what I am working on.

Any studio rituals? 
I have a beautiful studio in the garden. It has been a bit cold this winter so I am looking forward to spring. I usually work in the day time and sometimes work on a few pieces at the same time. I mostly work on large pieces around 1m, on boards flat rather than upright, so I can pour liquid paint or resin onto the canvas. I wear protective gloves, painting clothes and sometimes a mask too.


Lilac Falls


How would you describe your work to someone who hadn’t seen it?
I would describe my work as bright colourful abstract paintings. I aim to create vibrant and emotive works. What I love about creating abstracts is that it is so free to interpret in any which way someone connects with something and then how someone may interpret the piece, what they may see from it, based on their perception. I may define an initial concept when painting but then I let go to see where the paint flows to and what may come from that.

What is the question you encounter most when you tell someone you are an artist?
They mostly ask what type of art I create.

Do you have a favourite artist?
I use a lot of negative space in my works. When I was studying my art teacher introduced me to the works of Alberto Giacometti, who is one of my ultimate inspirations! I learnt so much from his pieces which focused on investigating space and how this worked in relation to his subjects. I’m always looking for the space in my work. It’s creating the balance between matter and space that allows the painting to flow and breathe.