Michael Hunter

Hi Michael!
What question about your work do you get most often?

How do I get such vivid colour and clarity into my digital art prints

How did you first get interested in digital art, and what draws you to it?

I first started using digital medium in my art about 5 years ago. I used it to clean up my photographed original collages to make sure they were perfect for selling as prints. It became apparent to me that not only could I enhance my photographed artwork ready for print but also, I could manipulate and change the appearance. I wanted to explore further and am still learning new things. I think it’s important to approach digital art with an open mind. It’s about creativity and how my artist mind works. The way in which the ideas are transformed into something visual, for me, is not what matters. I still use painting and photography as part of the process. Finding natural textures and incorporating into my work is intriguing

Ocean Blues #2, digital on paper, 60x60cm


How often do you surprise yourself?

I don’t surprise myself too often although I’m sometimes surprised at how a piece of work turns out when I didn’t expect or intend. This is one of the best things about abstract art and a very important aspect of what my work is all about.

How much planning do you do before you start on your work?

I do some planning but really each artwork has its own journey.  I keep it simple to begin and build upon what I started with. It could be a circle a brush mark or even just a flat colour. I require lots of coffee and uplifting house music to get my mind focused and in the mood.

What is the question you encounter most when you tell someone you are an artist?

After telling someone I’m an artist the first thing they usually ask me is what type of art do you make.

A Calmer Sense, digital on paper, 60x60cm


Is there a point you know for sure your work is finished?

Most of my pieces are finished when I think the balance is just right. The compositional balance and the colour balance. That’s not to say that some of the works could in actual fact be worked on some more but I guess you could say that about any piece of art.

When did you start to make art?

I began making abstract art whilst at art college ‘The Cumbria College Of Art & Design ‘ 1991-94. Here my style went from traditional painting and drawing of landscapes and still life to semi-abstract and finally total abstract.

Is there any preconception about art and artists you particularly dislike?

Not I bother what anyone else thinks about art or artists.

What is your creative process like?

My creative process is enjoyable and when I really get into that creative zone there is nothing else quite like it. It’s hard to explain as it is about feeling and emotion and applying that to the work.

The Jazz Cafe, digital on paper, 60x60cm


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