Nora Doherty


Hi Nora, why did you become an artist?

Art found me…

Do you have any painting that you are particularly proud of?

No…I love all my creations equally…

Why oils?

Oils flow the cosmos…


Colour Landscape, oil on board, 60x60cm


How much planning do you do before you start on your work?

No planning at all…I let the painting paint itself…and then I am always so surprised and happy to see what happens..I love the moment when I stop painting and look…it takes my breathe away!

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

I do enjoy hearing the different things that people can see in my paintings..from ‘sand dunes’ to ‘breasts’… from ‘faces’ to ‘tribes’.

What kind of art you dislike?

Little boats on the sea..or realistic landscapes or portraits..not my thing.  I love abstract…and seducing the viewer in..into see what they see…


Flowing, oil on board, 82x82cm


If you have an idea of what a particular piece should look like, how close do you get when making it?

No – I only choose the oil colours…put on the music…and go with the flow…

I am just the medium..the conduit…for colours and forms to flow..

Do you prefer a routine or do you work more at random?

I usually paint most mornings…before I shower and dress…so I can wash off all the paint on me!

My art studio has the most amazing view over the sea…in Teignmouth, Devon.



What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Don’t think I have ever been given any advice… and I have never been to an art class..

My advice would be to experiment, play with colours, tools and techniques..let art flow through you…

My own created quote: ‘Art is being in Love with Life’


Creation, oil on board, 90x99cm


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