Exhibition running: June 17 – July 17, 2019

Meet our artists and enjoy a glass of prosecco while browsing the work of UK based artists who focus on city landscapes in various mediums and style.


Richard Knight uses layers of stencilled, colourful abstract marks in oil and acrylic combined with a natural observational drawing style which now extends to painting mechanical machines of every nature and putting them out of context, with untraditional colour or background.

Ewan David Eason creates abstract images from reality, drawing particular inspiration from organic and man-made patterns created in cartography. By gilding with precious metals or using complimentary colours he aims to focus the viewer on the sacredness and diversity of our living landscapes.

Jayson Lilley is a British contemporary artist who incorporates the practices of painting, collage and printmaking.

He is recognised for producing works of urban scenes and iconic architecture. With influences coming from Japanese Ukiyo-e and Constructivism, He now lives and works in London, drawing inspiration from the city environment and its hustle and bustle.