19-26th of May

‘Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up’ is arriving soon at the V&A. The sponsor, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland is bringing a modern echo of Frida Kahlo – regarded as one of Mexico’s greatest artists – to Belgravia, launching with Frida’s Belgravia in Bloom.

Grosvenor have sponsored a video featuring five of Luminaire Arts women artists where we asked them about Frida, how they feel about being women in arts today and much more! Luminaire Arts is Lumi Arts sister company with a gallery based in the heart of Belgravia, London,


Lumiarts would like to invite you to visit Frida’s Parlour (141 Ebury Street) which is an interactive installation inspired by Frida Kahlo and her famed residence in Mexico City, La Casa Azul (The Blue House). Frida’s Parlour features an inclusive, social space throughout the day (free admission) and hosts a range of creative workshops during the evenings (ticketed).

At Lumi Arts we are proud to represent many women artists we hope many more will join us!

Celebrate Frida’s groundbreaking life by visiting Belgravia this weekend – you can also book a Jewellery making class run by Luminaire Arts or  support a female artist you admire!

Browse fantastic art by our women artists here:

Nineke Havinga, Regatta I, £365
Esbe, Tulip, £895
Podi Lawrence, Wall Shadows 4, £280
Rebecca Pells, Yesterday’s Gone, £525
Mary Stubberfield, Flamingos, £350
Teresa Zerafa Byrne, Enlighten, £630
Florentina (Anca) Popescu, A Night Out, £200
Susan Wooler, The Island, £595
Angela Dierks, A Purple Haze, £320
Alana Kate, Ethereal, £150