Sell Your Prints In Pimlico – Pricing + Chargebee


Set up your payment

You have been accepted to exhibit your prints at our Gallery and Showroom in Pimlico, London, and we hope it will prove to be suxxessful for all of us!

Please click on the button below to set up your monthly payment. You are free to cancel at anytime!



Pricing & Commission

There is a small charge for the marketing and promotion of your prints in the gallery. For display of up to 6 different prints, LumiArts charges just £25 (per month).

The commission on sales is 50%, and at any time either the gallery or the Artist can withdraw the prints from the gallery space, giving just one month’s notice.

It is the Artists’ responsibility to deliver and collect the artworks to and from the gallery for the duration of the exhibiting of their work.

If you’d like to be considered to be ‘on show’ in the gallery with your prints, please email me images of the prints you have ready to sell (or those that you intend to have printed and ‘bagged’ ready to sell), and I will inform you if they are suitable for selling. Please email ivan@luminairearts.co.uk


Prints’ Specifications

A “ready-to-sell” print (with or without mount) is the perfect package to both protect and display your artwork or photography. It also makes your work easier to sell. You can use your own trusted Printing company, or there’s one reputable Printing company mentioned at the bottom of this page, you could use.

In order to ensure your Limited Editions are in-keeping with everybody else’s, presentation-wise, the Prints must:

  • be on a backing board
  • be signed and numbered
  • be packed in a crystal-clear cellophane bag

And all Limited Edition Prints must be in runs of no more than 250.


Printer We Recommend

Redcliffe Imaging gives artists the very best Fine Art Giclee Printing, and as such we recommend they produce your prints. The print service for artists and photographers is very professional, and they fully understand the “beauty and marketability” of the prints they create from either digital files or artwork.

Visit Redcliffe Print’s website