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Why join LumiArts?

Access to an extensive range of art collectors, together with the most reputable Interior Designers, Architects and prestigious projects across the world…that’s why! 


With several years working as Art Consultants in London, with Top Designers and Corporate clients, providing thousands of pieces of art across the globe, our parent company, (with showroom and gallery in Belgravia, London), launched LumiArts in 2017 to fulfill a really welcomed need from both Trade and Consumer Clients, namely, a highly curated range of fabulous art! And it is our intention to reach a worldwide art audience of millions, and promote our wonderful artists to them!



LumiArts charges no fees for joining or being on LumiArts, however we take a 30% commission (plus vat), on all sales through our website!



We have decided to be different….and offer free worldwide delivery, all year round! What this means is that you have the choice to either build in shipping costs into your prices or absorb them into your pricing! We suggest you visit a website like to get a good guide on prices for local UK deliveries.

International Deliveries

When it comes to International delivery, LumiArts will refund back to the artist, after proof of delivery, 5% of the sale price to cover additional international shipping charges. For example, if you sell a piece of art for £1,000 for International delivery, LumiArts will refund £50 back into your account, to compensate for any extra charges incurred for International delivery. Finally, if you have any further questions regarding this new policy then please do not hesitate to contact us!



On top of art collectors and investors it’s also our job to get your art seen by our Trade Clients, and with a database of over 15,000 of them, we are constantly working to get our artists work in front of them.



We know it’s important and it’s our aim to be all over the world wide web promoting LumiArts. It will be great if you can do the same too! And we’ll give you help, tips and advice on how to do that for your own art!



Upload your own biography and then your art, then price it….and you’re off! It really is as simple as that! It’s really simple to manage your own store, but we’re here to help if you’ve any issues.



Publicising your own art and LumiArts too through Social Media, will lead to sales hopefully! And if your art is capturing the imagination of the customers, then it captures ours too!



Evidence shows that receiving great reviews from your ‘buyers’ leads to greater sales! And of course we’ll be doing our bit to publicise those with great reviews too!



We’re on a mission to find the truly spectacular! If LumiArts customers love your art then we’re going to shout about it from the rooftops! Our Featured artists see their sales grow and their art increasing in value!



0207 101 5070

Whether it’s for technical assistance uploading your art, or for advice dealing with customers, we’re here to help! And even if you’d like advice on pricing your art we can assist you with that too!




Please click on the link below…





Tell a good story about yourself!

It’s important for customers to know about you, your art, any awards you’ve won, and your motivations to be creative. It’s also valuable information for LumiArts; to be able to really promote you and your art! People just love a good story!


A picture tells a thousand stories!

High quality images are vital to show your art literally, in the best light! Make sure images are a true reflection of the artwork and have no backgrounds (unless sculpture).

Always make sure that the first main image is ‘straight on’ with no walls shown. Do include other images too, that show the artwork at different angles, on walls and/or close ups to show texture etc. Have a look at Martin Rolt’s art and biography ‘here to see how well it could and should look!


Original Art & Sculpture

All art shown must be from the artist themselves and every piece sold should be accompanied by a ‘certificate of authenticity’. LumiArts offers a service for providing certificates.


Unframed Canvas Art 

The quality of your art and the materials you use is paramount to the integrity of the LumiArts website. Please ensure that you are completely confident that your work is of top quality and that you use quality paints and materials. As we are offering Premium art to our discerning clients we recommend only using quality ‘deep edged’ canvasses with a minimum depth of 2cm! Remember, most original art is hung unframed, and as many of our Trade clients are high end Interior Designers and Architects, your work can end up in amazing residences, hotels, yachts and palaces across the world.


Unframed art on metal, board etc.

Please ensure that it is clearly stated the materials you have used and of course the depth of the metal, board etc..


All framed Art

If you sell your art framed, then it’s less important the depth of the material or canvasses you use! Always frame your work in quality frames whatever the size, and give accurate depths for the finished work.


Limited Editions

All Limited Edition prints must be in runs of no more than 150 and all hand signed and numbered by the artist. Every print sold should be accompanied by a ‘certificate of authenticity’. LumiArts offers a service for providing certificates.


Customer Service

Please endeavour to give the highest customer service to customers and try to reply to all enquiries within 24 hours. Remember, ‘star ratings’ are incredible important to your future sales. It has been proven that those with the highest star ratings receive more orders! Continually increasing your good reviews and star rating also leads to higher achieved sales and increased values of your art!

Please ensure you use the ‘messaging service’ within the website for ALL correspondence with customers. And please do not share your phones numbers or email addresses, as this controvenes the websites terms and conditions.


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